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What does an SEO specialist do | Hire SEO specialist

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Written by Niek van Son MSc on September 13, 2021

Niek van Son

Last updated June 14, 2023

You have a great concept or product, but...

  • Customer business is disappointing and there is no real growth
  • Your websites are not visited as often as you would like
  • Website visitors engage in little to no desired action
  • You invest in SEO and marketing, but it doesn't pay off enough

Recognizable? Then maybe it's time for the help of an SEO agency. An experienced specialist who understands your business and customers through and through, improves the findability and effectiveness of your website, taking your results to the next level.

Online marketing agency with SEO specialists with 10+ years of experience

We work with experienced specialists for companies that are serious about growing. Our specialists specialize in writing SEO optimized content, increase the authority of your page and also look for opportunities in technical SEO of your website.

What is an SEO specialist?

An SEO specialist is someone who improves the organic online findability of your website.

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What does an SEO specialist do?

Better results are achieved with clear insights and practical tools. An SEO specialist focuses on three important pillars:

Pillar 1: Link building

To make your website a logical itinerary - without dead ends - and position your website as a fast strategic spider in the World Wide Web.

Pillar 2: Content

To flawlessly match your content to the demands and needs of your target audience. Content that makes both visitors and search engines happy.

Pillar 3: Engineering

To make your website run like a well-oiled (conversion) machine, including fast loading time, without incorrect links or functionalities.

By thoroughly examining these three aspects of your business and website, you can structurally improve your findability and generate relevant traffic to your website on a continuous basis. The result? More sales and a higher ROI.

SEO plan

These three pillars are used in combination to optimize the SEO of your website. For this purpose, an SEO plan is created in which the following four steps are worked out (important to know is that every client needs a different approach and there is no such thing as a standard approach):

Step 1: Analysis proposal

Together with the SEO specialist, we look at what needs to be done. In this, the company states what the goals are and what they expect from the SEO specialist. Based on the answers, a clear proposal is made. What things will be examined and what are the expected results? When both parties are satisfied, the SEO specialist proceeds to research.

Step 2: Investigation and identification of the problem

On the basis of the study, the problem is approached from several angles, with which various pain and improvement points are raised. An SEO specialist:

  • Does extensive keyword research
  • Translates goals into an SEO and content marketing strategy
  • Takes a technical look at the website
  • Maps current online position
  • Analyzes current content and content opportunities
  • Examines opportunities to increase website authority
  • Keep in mind Google's E-E-A-T

Step 3: Practical tools

After the problem and areas for improvement have been clearly identified, solution-oriented and practical tools are offered in terms of:

  • Optimization use current keywords
  • Implementation of relevant new keywords
  • An improved website structure and navigation
  • Removing irrelevant content
  • Clear and consistent positioning
  • Generating buzz through other channels
  • Technical improvement points website
  • Accelerating the loading time
  • Better tailoring content to search intent
  • Counteracting inter-page competition
  • Approach parties to increase authority

Step 4: Evaluation

An SEO course is a long-term investment. After three months, we can discuss the first results. What are the main indicators that we are on the right track? From there, if necessary, the strategy is adjusted and optimized. An SEO specialist will also regularly evaluate the results of the SEO optimizations and the performance of the website. With SEO, it is very important to be on time when there is, for example, a Google algorithm update that affects your rankings or a technical error that causes you to suddenly lose a lot of visitors.

What else does an SEO specialist do?

You want to grow and attract more customers, but you have not yet achieved this goal with good findability alone. An SEO specialist offers valuable insights and completes the "picture" in order to improve your results permanently.

An SEO specialist will give you the insights you need to:

  1. Improve your findability and search engine rankings
  2. Increase the usability of your website
  3. Match content to your customers' needs
  4. Make your website more conversion-oriented and increase sales

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Why should you hire an SEO specialist?

SEO is more complex than generally believed and potential returns are a lot greater. An SEO expert can provide immediate advice on keywords, technique, texts, conversions and link building. Especially when the other marketing activities are properly coordinated, bringing in a specialist can make a huge difference. Simply put: an SEO specialist (search engine optimization specialist) structurally brings more relevant visitors to your website and increases your sales.

When should I hire an SEO specialist?

If you ask this question then the answer is probably; now. Often an SEO specialist is hired after the new and improved (and expensive) website is launched. Probably the website would have become a lot more effective if an SEO specialist had been involved in the development. And the launch would have had some positive effects on findability as well.

Moments to hire an SEO specialist

  • Moving a website to a new domain.
  • Moving a website from http to https.
  • New website development.
  • Merging 2 websites through a business acquisition.
  • Big drop in organic visitor numbers.
  • Little to no website traffic
  • If you are looking for a sustainable way of attracting visitors

SEO as part of the marketing strategy

SEO is an important part of the online marketing strategy, with all activities inextricably linked. To optimize results, the various online and offline marketing efforts should be consistent.

Picture this:

  • You have ironclad Google Ads ads out. When someone then clicks through to a cluttered landing page, chances are that person will quickly click it away.
  • You have implemented several search terms in a text, but this text does not meet the expectations created by the search terms. The answer (the text) does not meet the question (the search terms). The visitor clicks away and stays away.
  • Your website looks great, strategic content is well thought out, but the loading time of your website is very long. Before your catchy content is fully loaded, your visitor is long gone.

SEO goes beyond improving good findability, so so do the skills of your SEO specialist.

The purpose of SEO and content marketing

To permanently ensure the best results, an SEO specialist needs to understand your business, clients and goals through and through. Therefore, a number of questions are key:

  • With what objective do you want to deploy SEO and content marketing? Do you just want to generate more visitors to your sales pages or are you building a broad knowledge portal?
  • What makes your company so unique? Why are you valuable to your customers and what sets you apart from the competition?
  • Who exactly are your customers? What is your customer looking for? What is the search intention of your ideal website visitor? Looking for information, finding a specific website, comparing products, purchasing or requesting a consultation?
  • What is your revenue model? How does better findability contribute to more revenue? Besides good findability, what else is needed to generate more income?
  • What on-, offline and Social channels are you using? How are these channels used and how are they interconnected?
  • Who is your competition? What do they do well on/and offline? What pitfalls should you avoid and what business can you take an example from?

In addition, it is good to realize that SEO, like all other departments within your company, must contribute to the business objectives. Make sure it is clear which business objectives the SEO specialist should contribute to, this will make it easier for you to make the translation to what you want to achieve with SEO.

Are you our new Head of Paid (Search & Social)?

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Vacancy Head of Paid
Niek van Son

Niek van Son MSc

Marketing Management (MSc, University of Tilburg). 10+ years of experience as an online marketing consultant (SEO - SEA). Occasionally writes articles for Frankwatching, Marketingfacts and B2bmarketeers.nl.

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