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Frequently Asked Questions

Why online marketing?

If you look at the figures of Internet usage and ad spending worldwide, there is 1 clear picture. The Internet is being used by more and more people and more and more ad budget is being spent online. There's a reason for that. You cannot avoid being visible online as an ambitious company.

Check out Our World in Data' s Internet usage statistics and read our blog on physical availability for background information.

Ideally, you don't. Online marketing is so strategically important to companies that it is best to bring this knowledge inside the company. However, especially in SMEs with small marketing teams and the specialized knowledge required for online marketing, this turns out to be unrealistic. Therefore, outsourcing is often chosen. The advantage is that with a relatively small investment a lot of knowledge is brought in, provided a good committed partner is chosen.

It depends. For example: budgets, (online) maturity of the organization, etc. Think somewhere between 3 and 9 months.

Collaborating with Tasmanic

It depends on what our clients' needs are. At least SEO, SEA and social media advertising. Where we can also have texts written and ads formatted. We also have partners for various other disciplines such as web development. We are flexible and can also work with our clients' current suppliers.

We determine that in consultation. We find involvement of (the management of) our clients important, it is about the growth of their business.

In general, you can say: in the initial phase, the cooperation is more intensive because we determine the approach for a longer period of time. For that, input from the company is essential. Then we execute and adjust. This requires consultation but a lot less intensive. The number of contact moments is up to you but we make sure that there is at least one meeting per quarter.

Short answer: no. We have no desire for conflicting interests. Should we have any doubts, we submit this. We don't have to draw up a contract about that, but we can. An NDA is a standard part of a cooperation agreement.

Yes, it is a standard part of our cooperation agreement.

Yes indeed: Google Partner profile Tasmanic. By the way, this does not say much, Google is not an independent testing body that assesses the quality of our work. It mainly means that our clients are spending enough money on Google Ads.

We offer 3 different packages on our website to give insight into what a collaboration can look like. In practice, we always adjust the service package to best fit what your company needs.

Sure. For example, our proof of concept product is a defined project. In addition, we can also do an audit of all your online marketing activities (this service will be added later).

In practice, companies get the most out of a partnership if it spans a longer period of time. After all, online marketing is a matter of continuous measurement and adjustment. That is what we are good at. One-time projects offer the opportunity to see if a collaboration is satisfactory with a limited investment.

Fill out the contact form, and we'll explain.

No, we don't see the value in that. With parties that do offer this, the conclusion is always that there is a lot of room for improvement and that you have to become their customer to make that happen.

We can, however, do an audit of your entire online marketing approach so we can provide a good understanding of a company's current position in the market and potential online. Not free, but much more valuable. Want to talk about that? Then make an appointment. It's free.

Saying you are good can be done by anyone. The proof of the pudding.

What sets us apart from other online marketing agencies is that all of our people are WO educated and have at least 5 years of experience. You benefit from critical minds with a broad outlook and hunger for knowledge. We are not easily satisfied and really go into depth to achieve the best results for our clients.

No, and we hereby warn against parties who do. By the way, we do have the option of making part of our compensation performance-based. Feel free to ask about the conditions.

We create a dashboard for each client with the KPIs that we will manage. This can be logged into at any time of the day. We also send monthly reports.

Prices and budgets

Yes. Our basic package - Tasmanic Basic - costs €2000 excluding VAT per month. Look here for more info on all our services and prices.

No, in principle all costs for software we use are included in the price. An exception is only made if it is more advantageous for the customer to have his own license.

Who do you work for?

Certainly, gladly even. Most of our clients operate in more than just the Netherlands.

Yes indeed, we love working for b2b companies. In fact, it is our core business. There are a number of reasons for this:
- The buying cycles for b2b are longer and therefore it is more interesting to invest in online marketing.
- A new customer is worth more to you and so online marketing pays off faster.
- There is often a lot of profit for our clients because the effect of online marketing in b2b companies is rather underestimated.

More on b2b.

Yes. Tasmanic is based in Eindhoven but our customers are all over the Netherlands.

There are some legal industries we wouldn't work for anyway. Think: gambling, prostitution, etc. The industries where you can say: if you do your job well other people will do worse.

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