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DUTCH sea agency

Specialist for Google Ads and Dutch Microsoft Ads Agency

  • Achieve ambitious growth targets
  • Increase market share
  • Sustainable competitive advantage

Paid search advertising accounts for 14.1% of all global website traffic. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) allows companies to generate visitors and revenue relatively quickly through search engines. By advertising through Google Ads and Dutch Microsoft Ads Agency, companies can showcase their products and services to potential customers who are currently searching for them.

SEA often offers high returns because searchers are actively looking for a product or service themselves. Average returns are high at 800% and people who click on ads online are 50% more likely to make a purchase.

Dutch Google ads agency

Growing quickly through search engine advertising

Using SEA as a promotional channel can yield great returns. SEA campaigns are set up relatively quickly, allowing ads to be shown to potential customers in a short period of time.

By continuously optimizing campaigns based on data, performance is structurally improved. Both Google Ads and Dutch Microsoft Ads Agency are constantly evolving. This provides opportunities for early adopters who quickly take advantage of changes such as a new type of campaign.

Tasmanic also has expertise in advertising through search engines such as Amazon and DuckDuckGo. We call Amazon a search engine because this platform is used as a search engine by many users. In the U. S., it is even the most widely used search engine after Google.

Instantly more relevant traffic

SEA campaigns are set up relatively quickly, making them a good tactic for attracting website traffic in the short term.


Ads are shown to searchers who are actively looking for a product or service.

Measurable results

The efficiency of SEA campaigns is measurable. Based on data, campaigns are improved.

The only way to be at the top of Google

For commercial search terms, there are almost always 4 ads at the top of Google. As a result, the first organic result is low on the page.

Google Ads specialist

Why DUTCH sea agency Tasmanic

Tasmanic is an DUTCH sea agency with experienced wo-educated specialists. We provide SEA services that ensure business goals are met. We do so with a proven approach that creates sustainable growth.

  • Evidence-based marketing

    We are a data-driven SEA company that applies proven strategies for successful campaigns.

  • Highly skilled, experienced SEA specialists

    Tasmanic's online marketing experts are university educated and have at least 5 years of work experience as SEA specialists.

  • Proven track record

    Using SEA campaigns, we have been able to successfully grow many businesses.

How valuable is SEA

  • 14,1%
    of global website traffic

    Major source of website traffic

    Of all website traffic worldwide, 14.1% comes from Google paid.

  • 800%

    High return on investment

    Research shows that the average return on investment of Google Ads campaigns is 800%.

  • 50,0%
    More likely to make a purchase

    Increase the chances of a sale

    People who click on online ads are 50% more likely to make an online sale.

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Methods Tasmanic

We are an DUTCH sea agency for successful long-term cooperation. We establish these through the following method.



Analysis current situation

We start by studying any current campaigns. We also check website tracking and set appropriate goals.


Customized strategic plan

We then determine the strategy for a successful SEA campaign. We ensure that the goals of the SEA campaigns are fully aligned with business goals.


Setting up SEA campaigns

After this, we create the campaigns, for example, search campaigns, Google and Microsoft Shopping campaigns and retargeting campaigns.


Evaluation and honing

We measure the return on investment of the campaigns and make them transparent to our clients. We also evaluate results to further sharpen the SEA strategy.

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