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Make telephone conversions measurable

If a business depends largely on telephone leads, purchases or orders, it is important to know through which marketing channels those calls are coming in. Collecting this data is done through call tracking. The tool Qooqie measures telephone conversions and provides insight into the return on investment of the various marketing channels.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is the measurement of phone calls between companies and customers. It links incoming phone calls to the marketing efforts of a company and maps through which online and offline channels (website, Google Ads, newspaper ads) phone calls come in. This provides insight into which keywords, ads and campaigns cause customers to pick up the phone. The result: clarity about which marketing channels generate the most calls and the most conversion.

What does call tracking provide?

Measuring online conversions is very common, but telephone conversions often remain under-reported. A shame, because a lot of valuable information is missing as a result. It can happen that a campaign is stopped prematurely because it does not score well online, while the telephone conversion turns out to be excellent.

  • Call tracking provides insight into all leads from marketing channels, such as campaigns, social media and ads. This completes the data around conversions and returns.
  • Based on the results, campaigns can be optimized.
  • The data collected enables more efficient use of marketing budgets.

What is Qooqie and how does it work?

To deploy call tracking, a tool is necessary, such as Qooqie. Qooqie gives each of a company's marketing channels a unique and trackable phone number. This number is linked to the company's landline number. Each call is AVG-proofed and linked to the caller's search behavior.

About Qooqie

Qooqie is a Dutch company founded in 2008 and based in Rotterdam. Its annual turnover is 1 million euros.

Functionalities of Qooqie

  • Call tracking: reveals which campaigns, ads and keywords are generating the most valuable leads.
  • Dynamic call tracking: measure telephone conversions and contact moments.
  • Offsite call tracking: measures calls to phone numbers that the company communicates outside its Web site, such as in online and offline advertisements.
  • Data are linked to Google Analytics and Google Ads.
  • Real-time results in dashboard: who called, how long did the call last, what keyword prompted this call?

Who is Qooqie intended for?

For companies that generate a lot of sales through telephone contact and for specialized online marketers and marketing agencies.

Benefits Qooqie

  • This tool is cheaper than tools from competitors.
  • Qooqie is known for its good service and problem-solving abilities.
  • Innovation is paramount: the tool is constantly being developed.

Rates Qooqie

Qooqie offers three different packages: Small Qooqie, Large Qooqie and Custom Qooqie. The packages include different numbers of sessions. It is possible to request a free two-week trial. Check out the different packages on the Qoqie website.

Alternatives Qooqie

There are several alternatives to Qooqie, such as Adcalls. Tasmanic is happy to clarify which tool is the best fit for your business.

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