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Dutch Linkedin Ads Agency

Advertising on the largest business platform

  • Achieve ambitious growth targets
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  • Sustainable competitive advantage

LinkedIn has more than 875 million members worldwide, including more than 9 million in the Netherlands. This makes it by far the largest channel in the business market. LinkedIn is also seen as the B2B channel and you can target very specifically. Whether you want to attract the right applicants, more visitors to your website or increase brand awareness, LinkedIn advertising will help you do this, because both companies and employees can be found on LinkedIn.

How does LinkedIn advertising work?

If the B2B market is your target market, LinkedIn is the perfect channel for you. This is because LinkedIn allows you to advertise to a very specific target audience. You can select your audience by, for example, a certain function, industry, region, interest or company size. The opposite is also possible. You can also exclude certain groups from your advertising campaign. For advertising on LinkedIn you need a campaign budget. You agree on a maximum daily budget that finances your CPCs or CPMs.

Dutch Linkedin Ads Agency

Why outsource LinkedIn advertising?

With LinkedIn advertising, it's important that you understand the Campaign Manager well. If you turn the wrong buttons or the objective is not sharp, you will achieve little results but lose your investment. Do you know what ad format to use, how big your target audience should be and what is the use of campaign groups? How long you should run the campaign, what is the best distribution over the year or which words and topics to exclude?

Moreover, LinkedIn advertising is focused on the long term, to build a relationship with your audience. Therefore, make sure your content appeals and strikes the right chord with your target audience. And that afterwards you don't sit still, but track conversions and retarget people based on their online behavior. Only then will you get strong leads!

Specific target group

LinkedIn focuses entirely on the business market. That's already a very specific market, which you can fine-tune even further to reach exactly the right audience.

Target group involved

This target group is interested in business topics, likes to share content knowledge and purposefully uses the platform to keep business contacts warm.

Large target group

In the Netherlands, more than 9 million people are active on LinkedIn to keep their knowledge up-to-date, network or find a job.

Affordable audience

LinkedIn lets you set your own maximum budget per day. This way you can be sure that you never have to pay more.

LinkedIn advertising

Why Tasmanic?

Tasmanic is an ambitious digital marketing agency with experienced specialists who have proven their ability to achieve great results in multiple industries. We ensure that Dutch Linkedin Ads Agency also contribute to achieving your business goals.

  • Evidence-based marketing

    We are a data-driven agency that applies proven strategies to achieve predetermined objectives.

  • Highly trained, experienced specialists

    Tasmanic's marketing specialists are university educated and have at least 5 years of work experience.

  • Proven track record

    We have been able to successfully grow many ambitious companies thanks to a proven marketing approach.

How valuable is LinkedIn advertising?

  • 75%
    of B2B

    Many others went before you

    Some 75% of B2B marketers use Dutch Linkedin Ads Agency because it works for them.

  • 14,6%
    of the world

    Wide range

    A LinkedIn Ad can reach 14.6% of the world's population!

  • 16,2%
    of the members

    Great chance to be seen

    Of LinkedIn users, 16.2% are active on the platform every day.

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Methods Tasmanic



Analysis current situation

We look at the current results of the current campaigns, check the LinkedIn insight tag and the conversion and audience settings.


Customized strategic plan

What changes are needed to the needed to the campaigns to achieve the goals?


Setting up LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

We set everything up: from imagery, ad copy, audiences to landing pages.


Evaluation and honing

On an ongoing basis, we hone the campaigns with new targeting, imagery, and ad copy. If the targets change, we reanalyze (step 1)

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