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Proof of Concept

Test whether your idea is also a GOOD idea

  • Achieve ambitious growth targets
  • Increase market share
  • Sustainable competitive advantage

Most product introductions fail

Read why here. Tasmanic offers the ability to research online whether there is a market for an undeveloped service or product. This ensures that investments are made not only based on assumptions and gut feeling but also on hard data.

Make better decisions by verifying your idea

The earlier you can test a concept to the market via Proof of Concept, the better. The stage does not matter: only a concept or half-finished product or service is also possible. With Proof of Concept testing, you collect valuable data and feedback that you would otherwise not have collected until after the product launch. This can prevent a huge cost. After all, people tend to exhibit behavior in line with previous decisions. After all, you want to be consistent. See: escalation of commitment.

What does a Proof of Concept process entail?

We create a special landing page in the style of your organization or company on which we pretend that the product or service is already ready for the market. We develop this POC landing page in close collaboration with your project team. We then use campaigns on social media and Google Ads to ensure that the page is seen by the desired target group(s).

Tasmanic precisely measures all possible data such as number and origin of visitors, visit duration, device used, heatmap and more. Through A/B testing it is also possible to find out in real life what adaptation and variation of the concept yields. All data is presented in clear reports.

We take care of everything related to the test: landing page, texts, campaigns, analytics, dashboard and media budget optimization.

Get feedback on the product or service

Engage with potential customers to flesh out your MVP, minimal viable product.

Get the first leads

Leads collected in this process may actually become customers later.

Collect relevant data

How much does it cost to generate a lead? How many people click through on an ad? What triggers the most?

All in 1 price

For a fixed fee, you get a complete program that lets you run the POC test through us. So there are no hidden costs; everything you need is included. And you know if your idea will fly.

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What is a Proof of Concept and what is a Proof of Value?

In product development, Proof of Concept (POC) is a way to find out in a structured way whether a concept or idea will work as conceived. POC helps to discover obstacles and risks in time. And thus prevents expensive mistakes.

Proof of Value (POV) looks at the potential (market) value of a concept or idea, from the impact it can have on the organization. Such as development costs, expected revenue, long-term finances and TCO (total cost of ownership, including maintenance and marketing). In both POC and POV, an important question is whether the concept fits the organization's strategic goals and success criteria.

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