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Twitter usage among Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012), "Gen Z," has grown 30% faster than Instagram usage over the past three years. Thus, Twitter is a social media platform that should not be missing from your online strategy. It is the most popular platform to stay up to date on the latest news and events. And a whopping 89% use Twitter to find new products. Capitalize on that by deploying Dutch Twitter Ads Agency!

How does advertising on Twitter work?

You can increase the reach of your tweet or account by promoting it. Twitter offers a variety of options for this, such as targeting new followers, relevant influencers or people who recently visited your website. Or Twitterers who use a certain word in their tweets, participate in conversations with this keyword or have similar interests as your followers. With Promoted Tweets, Accounts or Trends, you set a budget and pay per engagement.

Why outsource Twitter advertising?

There are so many possibilities for Dutch Twitter Ads Agency that you need to know well what you are doing and why. Who exactly is your target audience? It's also smart to track your conversions to know if your ads are successful and how you can increase your ROI. We are happy to help you set the right goals and make them visible in a clear dasboard.

Targeting options

Twitter still offers many of the targeting options that Facebook no longer has.

B2B and B2C

Reach both B2B and B2C audiences.

Low cost

Cost per click is a lot lower than Linkedin or Google Ads

Social interaction

Twitter is an ideal platform for social interaction.

Why Tasmanic?

Tasmanic is an ambitious digital marketing agency with experienced specialists who have proven their ability to achieve great results in multiple industries. We ensure that Dutch Twitter Ads Agency also contribute to achieving your business goals.

  • Evidence-based marketing

    We are a data-driven agency that applies proven strategies to achieve predetermined objectives.

  • Highly trained, experienced specialists

    Tasmanic's marketing specialists are university educated and have at least 5 years of work experience.

  • Proven track record

    We have been able to successfully grow many ambitious companies thanks to a proven marketing approach.

How valuable is Dutch Twitter Ads Agency?

  • 405

    Loyal community

    Active Twitter users who post more than 5 tweets per month follow an average of 405 accounts. Twitterers who tweet less follow an average of 105 accounts.

  • 10,7%
    of the world

    Wide range possible

    Dutch Twitter Ads Agency can reach 10.7% of the world's Internet users.

  • 16,6%
    more mDAUs

    High ROI possible

    By 2022, the number of mDAUs (monetizable daily active users) grew 16.6%. They see Dutch Twitter Ads Agency after they log in.

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Methods Tasmanic



Analysis current situation

We look at the current results of the current campaigns, check the Twitter pixel and the conversion and audience settings.


Customized strategic plan

What changes are needed to the needed to the campaigns to achieve the goals?


Setting up Twitter Ad campaigns

We set everything up: from imagery, ad copy, audiences to landing pages.


Evaluation and honing

On an ongoing basis, we hone the campaigns with new targeting, imagery, and ad copy. If the targets change, we reanalyze (step 1)

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