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For companies looking for one tool for their online marketing activities, Semrush is well suited. Semrush offers tools for SEO, SEA, social media and content marketing, among others. In addition, it regularly introduces innovative, new features. Semrush is therefore one of Tasmanic's favorite marketing tools.

What is Semrush and how does it work?

Semrush is an online marketing SaaS platform with tools for SEO, SEA, social media, content marketing, market analysis and reports. It is one of the most popular all-round marketing software tools today and a competitor to Ahrefs and Moz. SemRush is a software package used by Tasmanic for SEO, SEA, content marketing and market analysis.

About Semrush

Semrush was founded in Boston in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitri Melnikov. By 2020, the company has revenues of $144 million and 67,000 customers. Semrush employs more than 1,000 employees across offices in the U.S., Czech Republic, Russia, Poland and Cyprus. Since March 25, 2021, Semrush has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Functionalities of Semrush

Semrush currently offers more than 50 different marketing tools. Below is an overview of functionality by category.

SEO tools Semrush

  • Organic traffic analysis for domains
  • Search analysis tool
  • Search term overview
  • Rank tracker organic
  • Comprehensive organic traffic analysis for own domains

SEA tools Semrush

  • Paid search traffic analysis for domains
  • Google Shopping analysis
  • Search analysis tool
  • Search Manager
  • Rank tracker paid

Social media toolkit Semrush

  • Social media poster
  • Social media tracker
  • Social media analysis
  • Facebook ad manager

Competitive Analysis Semrush

  • Domain Overview
  • Traffic analysis (total traffic including direct)
  • Search terms gap (organic and paid)
  • Backlink gap
  • Blog post checker
  • Advertising Analysis

Content marketing tools Semrush

  • Content audit
  • Contents template
  • On page checker
  • Search subject research
  • Writing Assistant
  • Blog post tracker

Link building tools Semrush

  • Backlink analysis (with Semrush domain score)
  • Backlink audit (with Semrush toxic score)
  • Link building tool

Local SEO tools Semrush

  • Manage local listings. Currently not available for the Netherlands.

Other Tools Semrush

  • Website audit
  • Reporting
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Market Explorer
  • Brand monitoring

Prices SEMrush

Starting monthly prices for Semrush range from $119.95 to $449.95, based on annual subscriptions. The differences between the subscriptions are in functionality and the number of projects (domains) to manage. An account is available for 1 user. There is an additional charge for multiple users.

In addition, certain functionality is available as an add-on, such as management of local listings, tools within market analysis and the ability to add your brand to reports. Check out all pricing and options on Semrush's website.

Semrush Dutch

This software tool is currently not available in Dutch. However, the software is good to use for the Dutch market, such as for Dutch domains and Dutch-language search terms.

Advantages and disadvantages Semrush


  • Marketing software with very comprehensive functionality
  • Convenient to use 1 tool for multiple marketing channels
  • Innovative company that regularly releases new features


  • Expensive software package
  • Semrush is expected to become considerably more expensive each year
  • To process your brand on reports, you have to pay an extra $200 per month

Alternatives Semrush

For alternatives to Semrush, we look at the other comprehensive online marketing software packages that offer functionality for multiple marketing channels. The main alternatives then are Ahrefs and Moz.


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