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Advanced Web Ranking (AWR).

Provides insight into organic rankings

For those who want their business or product to be easily found online, it is important to rank high in the search engines for relevant search terms. The SEO tool Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) provides comprehensive insight into the position of websites in Google and other search engines.

What is Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)?

It is important for businesses to know how their websites rank in the various search engines and what keywords they are ranking for. It gives insight into the opportunities that exist to improve their ranking that makes it easy to improve a company's SEO strategy. The SEO tool Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) maps the ranking of websites in a clear way.

About Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)

Advanced Web Ranking is a product of the company Caphyon, which was founded in 2002. At the time, there was no tool available to track Web site rankings, so the 2 founders decided to develop it themselves. The company now has over seventy employees and the AWR SEO tool is used by some 24,000 people in 170 countries. Annual sales are just under 10 million euros per year.

Functionalities AWR SEO tool

  • Comprehensive rank tracker. AWR monitors rankings in over four thousand search engines (such as Google, DuckDuckGo and Yandex) in 170 countries. Local rank tracking is possible down to city and GPS level. So you know exactly how your websites rank and in which area.
  • Clear reports. The AWR SEO tool tracks the ranking of thousands of keywords on mobile devices and on desktops and displays analysis in clear reports. The reports can be shared with multiple users. You choose how often you want to receive the data, from daily to monthly. The SEO reports are fully customizable, in the way that works best for the user.
  • Provides options for promising keywords and possible optimizations.
  • Real-time information. ARW provides real-time insight into scores, ranking and results.
  • Understanding competitor performance. AWR not only tracks the ranking of your own website, but also brings into focus the SEO performance of the competition. Based on this, a company can effectively adjust its own SEO strategy.

Benefits AWR SEO tool

  • The AWR SEO tool tracks an unlimited number of websites, by an unlimited number of users.
  • ARW does not charge extra to track competitor data.
  • Easy to use and easily scalable.

Disadvantages AWR SEO tool

  • AWR is not the fastest tool, partly because of the large number of keywords that can be tracked.
  • Does not distinguish between local and organic search results, which can sometimes make the data more unclear.

Who is the AWR SEO tool for?

The tool is suitable for smaller and medium-sized companies looking for reliable data on search engine rankings.

Rates AWR SEO tool

Advanced Web Ranking offers several packages ranging from Starter to Enterprise. The cheapest package starts at $49 per month and the most expensive costs $499 per month. The more expensive the package, the more features are available. Which package fits best depends on the needs of the business. More information on pricing and options can be found on AWR's website.

Try AWR for free

It is possible to try ARW for free first. The free trial is available for 30 days. Advanced Web Ranking also offers a number of free tools, which help map basic SEO data.

Alternatives Advanced Web Ranking

There are several alternatives to Advanced Web Ranking, such as Ahrefs, Semrush and Moz Pro. Tasmanic is happy to advise on the SEO tool that best suits your business.

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