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Dutch social media marketing agency

Social ads - Social pressure

  • Achieve ambitious growth targets
  • Increase market share
  • Sustainable competitive advantage

Dutch social media marketing agency should be an integral part of a good online marketing mix. Especially for b2b as well. Read more about this interesting way of online advertising here.

Grow faster through advertising on social media

Social media advertising is great for reaching the latent-seeking audience. Thanks to data that social media have to advertisers from their users, such as engagement and extensive personal data, it is possible to advertise in a very targeted way. With high cost efficiency, good budget control and excellent measurability.

As many as 9 out of 10 people buy brands they follow on social media. Nearly 75% of Internet users follow or view brands through social media. And even 80% of people say information from others on social media strongly influences their buying decisions.


Social ads

Ensure consistency

Dutch social media marketing agency are part of the overall online and offline marketing mix. So ensure consistency with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising). And, of course, with all other marketing activities as well.


Increase brand awareness and visibility

The number of social media users in the Netherlands is 13.7 million. This is a large group where you can build brand awareness.

Better results in other channels

From scientific literature, we know that using more channels improves the efficiency of all channels. Learnings from other channels can also be applied in social ads.

More opportunities for branding

Each social medium has a different ad type but in general they are a lot more visual than search ads allowing for better branding.

Increasing the number of visitors to one's website

Clicks are generally a lot cheaper on social media than through Google Ads. This allows social advertising to increase your website traffic relatively inexpensively.

Dutch social media marketing agency

Why social advertising at Tasmanic?

Tasmanic is a social ads agency with experienced wo-educated specialists. With our social media services you realize business goals, on time and within budget. Thanks to a proven approach that creates sustainable growth.

  • Evidence-based marketing

    We are data-driven social ad specialists who apply proven strategies for truly successful campaigns.

  • Highly skilled, experienced social ad specialists

    Tasmanic's online marketing experts are all university educated and have at least 5 years of work experience as social ad specialists.

  • Proven track record

    With the use of our social media campaigns, many companies have already shown successful growth.

Why dutch social media marketing agency?

Dutch social media marketing agency are an indispensable part of online marketing.

  • 28%
    of internet users

    Reach large group of intensive users

    Of all Internet visitors, 28% primarily use social media.

  • 88%
    of b2b marketers

    Also for b2b marketing

    88% of b2b marketers use content marketing such as dutch social media marketing agency.

  • 4.4
    billion social media users

    Giant user base

    The number of people using social media is growing from 3.6 billion to 4.4 billion by 2025.

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Methods Tasmanic


Analysis current situation

What is the overall online marketing mix right now? How are the current campaigns performing? In addition, we check tracking and set appropriate goals.


Customized strategic plan

Then we determine the strategy for successful social media campaigns. We ensure that the goals of the fully align with business goals and the other components of the online marketing mix such as SEO and SEA.


Campaign development

After this, we create the campaigns with the right message. Depending on the target audience for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.


Evaluation and honing

We evaluate the results to continuously hone and improve the strategy, in conjunction with other online marketing activities.

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