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Effective tool for PPC ad management.

Successfully managing pay-per-click (PPC) ads can be a complex and time-consuming task. In that case, using a tool is necessary to optimize the return on investment of PPC ads. Tasmanic likes to work with Optmyzr, a tool developed by former Google employees.

What is PPC?

PPC means Pay-Per-Click. In this form of online marketing, the advertiser pays when a visitor clicks on an ad. The goal of PPC is to attract as many visitors to a Web site as possible in a short period of time. PPC is used through banners on Web sites and in SEA, online advertising in search engines.

What is Optmyzr and how does it work?

Optmyzr is an analytics tool that provides comprehensive insights into the performance of PPC campaigns. Among other things, the tool provides information about the quality score of campaigns and the performance of landing pages. Based on Optmyzr's analyses, optimizations in keywords, budgets and bids can be effectively implemented. Thus, PPC campaigns can be further optimized.

About Optmyzr

Optmyzr was founded by former Google employees who worked at Google for the team that developed AdWords. After they left, they went to work as PPC consultants, but discovered that they were dissatisfied with the tools available to optimize PPC campaigns. So they decided to develop their own software in 2013, and thus Optmyzr was a reality. Since then, the company has grown rapidly: estimated annual revenue today is 6 million euros.

Functionalities Optmyzr

  • Optimize with a few clicks. Easily optimize PPC ads within minutes, using data-driven suggestions. For example, Optmyzr provides suggestions for keywords that will ensure better rankings.
  • Monitoring and reporting performance of PPC ads. Sends out alerts when optimization is required and provides automated reporting and data analysis.
  • Insight into PPC data. Suggestions for optimizations and adjustments to ad strategies.
  • Tool for efficient collaboration. Program to make projects and team collaboration efficient.
  • Works for main ad engines: Google Ads, Dutch Microsoft Ads Agency, Amazon Advertising and Dutch Facebook Ads Agency.
  • All ad formats available: Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads.
  • Automated scripts for Google Ads: autom ations for Google Ads, without having to write code.
  • Optimizes the use of budgets and prevents budget overruns.
  • Bid management. Gives more control over bid strategies.
  • API-based solutions: for integration with proprietary software programs.

Advantages Optmyzr

  • Working with this tool saves a lot of time. Optmyzr automates the creation of analyses, allowing optimizations to be implemented faster.
  • Great service and great convenience.

Disadvantages Optmyzr

  • The rates are quite high.

Who is Optmyzr intended for?

Optmyzr is a good tool for companies and search marketing experts who manage a large number of PPC campaigns.

Rates Optmyzr

Optmyzr's rates depend on the amount spent on ads per month. That starts at 10,000 euros and then Optmyzr costs 208 euros per month. It is also possible to take out a plan per month. Want to try Optmyzr for free first? You can do so via a two-week trial.

Alternatives Optmyzr

There are several alternatives to Optmyzr. Competitors include Opteo and Semrush. Each tool has advantages and disadvantages. Tasmanic is happy to advise on the tool that best suits your business.

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