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Feed management tool for optimization datafeeds and SEA

For companies with online stores, it is essential that consumers see their products appear when they enter relevant search terms. To achieve that goal, their data feed must be optimized for different online sales channels. Channable is a feed management tool and SEA automation tool that helps companies effectively offer their products on comparison sites, affiliate networks and marketplaces.

What is feed-based advertising?

Companies with an online store that want to advertise on comparison sites, affiliate networks, Google Shopping, and on major marketplaces such as Bol.com and Amazon, need a data feed to do so. Data feeds deliver the right product information to advertising channels. Feed management allows companies to automatically organize their product information for a specific channel.

Automate data feed

Because manually maintaining a data feed for large amounts of products is nearly impossible, feed management tools like Channable are necessary. This allows a company to decide which products should be shown on which channels and with which enriching product information. The goal: to ensure the highest possible online sales.

What is Channable?

Channable is a comprehensive tool for feed management and SEA automation. It is the link between a webshop and the channel where a webshop submits its data feed. Using Channable, it is possible to promote products on over 2,500 comparison sites, marketplaces, affiliate networks and advertising platforms, such as Google Ads and Dutch Microsoft Ads Agency. With Channable you create top quality datafeeds that seamlessly match the requirements of the channel on which you want to sell your products.

About Channable

Channable is a Dutch company founded in 2014. In recent years, the company has grown into an international company with 170 employees. Channable is market leader in the Benelux and has teams in Scandinavia, United Kingdom and America, among others. Channable exports billions of products a day to thousands of comparison websites, affiliate networks and marketplaces. Its annual revenue is 13 million euros.

Functionalities Channable

  • Feed management tool. Helps develop top quality feeds and promote products on over 2,500 online sales channels.
  • Automated SEA tool. Compile thousands of automated campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. All ads are thus managed in one tool.
  • Easily advertise on several major marketplaces, such as Bol.com and Amazon.
  • Insights and Analytics. Gathers data to optimize campaigns to improve online sales.

Setting up Channable: how does it work?

Setting up Channeble works as follows: by linking a web shop to Channable, all products and the corresponding product information are imported into Channable. Check all loaded products and add enriching information. Then choose the channel for which you want to set up a data feed and export the feed to the appropriate channel.

Advantages Channable

  • Works easily and quickly.
  • All online advertising is managed in one automated tool.
  • Saves a lot of time and unnecessary work.
  • Advanced capabilities to optimize feed management.

Disadvantage Channable

  • Rates are based on required functionalities.

Who is Channable intended for?

Channable is an excellent tool for companies with an online shop with a large range of products, who want to sell through multiple online channels.

Channable Rates

Channable's rates depend on the package and subscription a company uses. Channable offers ten different packages. Each package comes with a subscription. Prices start at 29 euros per month for starters, but can go up to 5599 euros per month for the largest companies. Want to try Channable for free first? You can do so for an unlimited time with a free account. Payment is only required when purchasing a subscription. More information about prices and packages can be found on Channable's website.

Alternatives Channable

There are several alternatives to Channable. Competitors include Channelgate and Marketing 360. Each tool has advantages and disadvantages. Tasmanic is happy to advise on the tool that best suits your business.

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