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Not choosing is also a choice

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  • Increase market share
  • Sustainable competitive advantage

Exclude part of the market, smart or not?

Great brands are so great in part because they have a clear positioning. Many SME entrepreneurs find that difficult for themselves. Everyone is welcome, right?

Choosing which target group(s) to not focus on is difficult. But those who choose the whole world as their target audience need a very large marketing budget. And not choosing is in fact also choosing but without any control.....

Clear positioning means making clear choices for product category, price, target audience and benefits. Only then can you spend a marketing budget effectively and avoid waste. That's why Tasmanic helps you determine smart positioning. So that your budget at Tasmanic delivers even more. Because if you do not choose a position, the customer will choose you.


We also call positioning brain position. It is the place your brand occupies in the customer's mind compared to your competitors. Nevertheless, you can steer your positioning. For example, by emphasizing certain advantages such as user-friendliness or sustainability. But you can also position a product or service on price, design or suitability for a very specific target group. A clear positioning shows who you are, what you can do and what the target group has to gain from you. It makes it easier for them to think of your brand and choose you.

What benefits do you have?

Product features where the customer sees a benefit: e.g., convenience, economical, beautiful.

Which audience segment do you choose?

Determine your target audience based on their needs and not on age, gender or zip code.

What is your product?

Only when you clearly define your product or service will you know who your competitors are.

What is your added value?

In addition to your benefits, price, reputation, design or emotion determine your positioning.

This is how we help you position your brand, product or service

Before we can give good advice on online marketing, the positioning must be clear. This can be at the company level but also per service or product. This depends, of course, on what exactly you provide. To determine the positioning, we go through the following steps, together with everyone involved in your company.


Analysis company and market

What is the current situation, where do you want to go?


Competition analysis

What positionings do they have?


Determine positioning based on these analyses

Internal assurance - this forms the basis for the online marketing campaigns


Consistent communication based on the chosen positioning

Continuous measurement and adjustment

Positioning matrix provides insight into how people see your brand

In a matrix, we can identify various things that are important to your brand, product or service. In it are various attributes. One logical one is price-value. Do people see your brand as more expensive but better than competing brands? Another attribute can be distribution: available everywhere or only in special stores? You can also make a matrix of strong and weak properties on one axis and important and non-important on the other. In this you can then include one or more competitors and give all kinds of properties a position. Think fast service, lots of choice, price, opening hours, ease of use, safety, reputation, weight, uniqueness, you name it. The matrix ultimately has 4 boxes that clearly indicate what your brand is good at and what it is not.

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