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Software for recognizing website visitors

New customers: almost every business is itching for them. But how do you find the most promising leads online? For that, Tasmanic uses Leadinfo's lead generation software. This tool recognizes business visitors on websites and links key business data to them. That makes it easy for companies to follow up on leads in a targeted way.

What is lead generation?

A lead is a potential customer who is interested in a company's products or services, but has not yet made a purchase. Lead generation is a way to identify the leads who have visited a Web site and thereby expressed interest in a company. Once the leads are in the picture, the company can follow up with them and increase the likelihood that a lead will actually become a customer.

How does Leadinfo work?

Leadinfo's lead generation software recognizes and analyzes the businesses that visit a Web site. This is done by linking the IP address to Leadinfo's database. Leadinfo then displays all relevant company data, e-mail addresses and other contact information in a clear dashboard. The user interface resembles the inbox of an e-mail program, making it easy to use.

Additional information

In addition, Leadinfo provides additional information that allows companies to make the first contact with the lead in an even more targeted way. The dashboard shows which web pages a visitor has viewed, what topics he or she is interested in and how long the pages have been viewed. Each visitor receives its own score, which provides insight into the most promising leads.

About Leadinfo

Leadinfo is a Dutch company with 25 employees from 5 countries. Headquartered in Rotterdam, the company was founded in 2017. Since then, Leadinfo has grown strongly and is the market leader in the Benelux. Leadinfo also has around 11,000 customers in the UK and Scandinavia. Among others, Heineken and Rexel use Leadinfo for lead generation.

Functionalities Leadinfo

  • Clear dashboard. The user receives leads in a clear dashboard in the style of an e-mail box.
  • Real-time lead generation. Track live who visits your site and take the opportunity to respond in real time.
  • Export function. The data per lead can be exported to PDF. If you stop using Leadinfo, the leads remain available.
  • Integration with other tools. Leadinfo can be easily integrated with other (marketing) tools, such as Hubspot, Agile and Microsoft Teams.
  • Tag feature. Tag specific visitors (by industry or region, for example) and show specific actions and content when these businesses visit the site.
  • Lead gen forms. Forms that encourage leads to contact you.
  • Optional functionalities available. Examples: screenshots that allow you to see what visitors clicked on and liquid content, which targets specific visitors.

Is Leadinfo AVG-proof?

Leadinfo meets the requirements of the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation). The software uses IP addresses to find out public information, for example through the Chamber of Commerce. Because the IP address is personal data and is used for marketing purposes, it may be used without permission.

Benefits Leadinfo

  • Leadinfo offers a comprehensive company profile of business visitors.
  • Visitors can be viewed in real time.
  • Clear information and access to all data.

Disadvantages Leadinfo

The tool does not recognize visitors from outside Europe. This makes Leadinfo less suitable for global companies.

Who is Leadinfo intended for?

Leandinfo caters to both large companies and SMEs in Europe. The company has over 1,000 partners at home and abroad, online marketing agencies that use Leadinfo for their clients.

Alternatives Leadinfo

There are alternatives to Leadinfo, such as Albacross, Hubspot and Leadfeeder. Tasmanic will be happy to tell you which tool is best for your business.

Cost Leadinfo

The cost of Leadinfo depends on the package. Leadinfo offers the Essential, Scale, Growth and Enterprise packages and they range in price from $39 per month to $399 and up per month. The packages assume different numbers of unique leads. Prices and different options can be found on Leadinfo's website.

Try Leadinfo for free

It is possible on Leadinfo to try out first via a free trial of fourteen days.

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