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SEO monitoring for complex websites

Large websites often involve many people working on the site at the same time. It is important to keep an overview of everything that is happening in terms of SEO, promising optimizations or possible SEO mistakes. This can be done with the SEO tool ContentKing. This tool audits websites in real time and keeps track of adjustments on the site in an orderly manner.

What is ContentKing and how does it work?

ContentKing retrieves real-time information from Web sites. This is especially useful for websites that are so large that manual tracking is no longer possible. ContentKing provides insight into which pages have been modified and whether there are SEO bottlenecks that need to be fixed. Examples include adjusting headers or detecting broken links. ContentKing displays opportunities for SEO optimizations per page and also provides an overall overview of the SEO of the entire website.

About ContentKing

ContentKing was founded by digital marketing specialists who were looking for a tool to manage the content and SEO of complex websites. Since that tool did not exist, they decided to develop it themselves. The company was founded in 2015 and now ContentKing has offices in Amsterdam and in Brno, Czech Republic. ContentKing operates in Europe and America and the tool is used by large companies, such as Netflix, Vodafone and H&M. Its annual revenue is 1.3 million euros.

Functionalities ContentKing

  • SEO auditing: provides a complete, real-time (24/7) view of a website's SEO performance. The data is always available in the cloud.
  • SEO monitoring: continuously monitors what is happening on a website.
  • SEO alerting: sends alerts when SEO bottlenecks arise.
  • SEO change tracking: tracks every change on a website in real time.
  • Automatic reports on SEO performance.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Adobe Analytics and Google Data Studio.
  • ContentKing API: ContentKing offers several APIs, which you can embed in your own software programs.

Who is ContentKing intended for?

ContentKing is designed for companies with large, complex Web sites that multiple people work on, and for SEO professionals and marketers who manage multiple Web sites.

Benefits ContentKing

  • Monitors websites 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No other tool does that. That makes it possible to properly track improvements and continuously work on SEO optimization.
  • Comprehensive dashboard with concrete improvement tips.
  • Ideal tool for large websites.
  • Proactive SEO alerts.


  • Continuous monitoring affects the hosting package: it can make the website slower. It is possible to set when a website is crawled to counteract this problem.
  • Keyword research, link building and tracking search engine positions require an additional tool.

Online tool ContentKing

No separate software is required to use ContentKing. The program is cloud-based and login is possible through ContentKing's website.

Rates ContentKing

ContentKing has several packages ranging from Basic to Enterprise. The cheapest package costs 119 euros per month and the most expensive 1089 euros per month. Features vary by package. Three packages are free to try out during a trial. The different options of rates can be found on ContentKing's website.

ContentKing reviews

Want to know what ContentKing customers think of the tool? Read more in the ContentKing reviews.

The ContentKing Academy

ContentKing's Web site includes a knowledge base of articles on a wide range of SEO-related topics: the ContentKing Academy. Examples of categories include Technical SEO, SEO Fundamentals and Structured Data.

Alternatives ContentKing

ContentKing has several competitors. Alternatives to ContentKing include Semrush, Ahrefs and Moz Pro. Each alternative has advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on the company which tool best suits its needs.

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